How to Create a Private Event


This article will show you how to create a Private Event. You can control the visibility of an event if you ever want to limit its access to specific members.

Selecting the Members

1. Decide who will be allowed to see your Private Event. Note your list down for future reference.

2. Create a new Workspace. Consult this Knowledge Base article if you need further instructions.

3. Limit access to the Workspace based on your notes from Step 1. To grant access by individual member, consult this Knowledge Base article. To grant access by group, consult this Knowledge Base article.

Everyone with access to this new Workspace will be able to see your Private Event. Do not add a member or group to this Workspace if you do not want them to see the event.

Creating the Private Event

4. Begin creating a new Event. Consult this Knowledge Base article if you are new to Event Creation.

5. Click the ‘Registration’ tab.

Image showing the 'Registration' tab when creating or editing an event.

6. Under the ‘Audience’ sub-header, click ‘Specific Workspaces’ for the ‘Display Inside’ option.

Image indicating the 'Specific Workspaces' display option under the 'Registration' tab.

7. Choose your new Workspace from the list that appears in the pop-up window, then click ‘Select’.

Image example selecting a Workspace from the pop-up that appears, and noting the 'Select' button.

8. Proceed through the rest of the Event Creation as normal. Once the event is created, only members from the specified Workspace will be able to view it.

All events in Member365 have a Public Registration Link. Only administrators have access to the Public Registration Link: if they do not share the link, nobody will be able to find it. You are free to share an event’s link to as many or as few people as you wish.

9. Consult this Knowledge Base article to find your Private Event’s Public Registration Link.

10. Email the Public Registration Link in confidence to your intended recipients. This method works best if you need to share a Private Event with select non-members.

Once someone has the Public Registration Link, they can share it with anyone. If you are emailing this link in confidence, make sure you trust the recipients.


Congratulations, you can now create private events!

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