Getting Started: Forms and Surveys


Being able to collect information quickly and easily is essential for any membership-based organization, and an effective interface for building and distributing forms is the best way to do so. Fortunately, Member365 includes a wide variety of ways to create forms, and even more ways to use the information you collect with them. 


Creating Forms

To get started, we’ve created a list of all the types of forms you can create, as well as a guide to using the Form Question Editor interface that is used to create almost all of them.
How to Use the Form Question Editor 

Using Forms

Keep reading this Getting Started guide to learn about how to use all of these powerful tools! 


Membership Application Forms

Our guide to creating membership application forms also includes instructions on how to include it in a specific membership category’s application process. A membership application form - membership forms are used by your members when applying for membership and require them to provide more information for internal use or for approval purposes.   Read on for guides on a few specific tips and tricks to using this feature!
How to Disable a Field in a Membership Application or Contact Record 
How to Access Responses to Membership Application Forms 
How to Export Extended Field Responses 

Event Registration

An event registration - This form can be used for your in-person or virtual event. You can use the event registration form to gather information that pertains to your event.  

Contact Demographic

Contact demographic forms are used by organizations to enter profile details that are available for public-facing directory searches.
The contact demographic form can be used to associate a contact with its corresponding contact profile form. In addition, contact demographics offer you another method of organizing your contacts into lists. 

How to Create a New Contact Demographic 

Organization Demographic

Organization demographic forms are used by organizations to enter profile details for internal (admin-only) use, as opposed to details that are available for public-facing directory searches. 

How to Create an Organization Demographic Form 

Web Submission

Administrators can share a Web Submission Form anywhere online by copying and pasting its HTML code. Web Forms are also accessible through a Contact’s Member Portal, but you can limit access to certain types of Members as an Administrator.
How to Create a Web Submission Form 
How to Allow Directory Form Responses to Populate a Directory Listing 

Directory Forms

Directory forms are used to collect information that will be used to tailor searches made by users of your public and private directories.  Directory forms are ideal if you have specific questions, interests or specialties that you wish to be visible and filterable which you are also able to attach to the membership application. 

These guides will show you how to associate the forms you create with specific directories and ensure that the information shows up in search results:

How to Attach a Form to a Directory 
How to Allow Directory Form Responses to Populate a Directory Listing 


When tests are created they are only graded by admins. Once you’ve created a test, you’ll want to know how to analyze the result.

We’ve created guides on how to grade individual tests, and on understanding the success and engagement of specific tests in your overall user base:  
How to Review and Grade a Test 
Accessing and Understanding Quiz and Test Analytics 


A quiz is a form that draws from a large pool of possible questions and randomly selects which ones to present to the user.

This feature allows you to create a quiz that is accessible through the Member Portal, though access to the form can be limited to any subset of members that you deem appropriate. In addition, the quiz is graded automatically. 
How to Create a Random Quiz 


Voting is a method that you would use which is much more formal when you wish to get input from contacts or members. Voting has specific rules and procedures to determine a specific outcome.

For example, if your organization was looking to elect a new president for your organization, you wouldn't use a survey for this instance - you'd want the answers to remain anonymous. 

How to Create a Voting Form 


A survey gathers information from a set of people, with the purpose of generalizing the results to a larger population. Surveys provide a significant source of data and insights for from your members or nonmembers.

Once you’ve decided what questions you’re going to ask of your contacts and members, you’ll want to make sure your survey is working properly, and afterward, you’ll want to analyze the results.

Read on for guides on how to do just that:
How to Create a Survey 
How to Edit a Survey 
How to Close an Open Survey 
How to Preview and Test a Survey or Vote 
How to Access Survey Results and Responses 

Surveying Event Registrants

You can include forms in the registration process of your events; it’s a great way to understand the backgrounds, expectations and needs of your attendees. We’ve created two separate guides: the first is appropriate when you intend to ask the same question no matter who signs up, and the second will show you how to associate specific forms with specific ticket types/tiers.
How to Include a Form During Event Registration 
How to Attach an Event Registration Form to a Specific Ticket Type 


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