Getting Started: Events

If you’re trying to create an event with Member365, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find instructions on how to carry out a few essential tasks involved in creating an event and registering attendees.

Creating an Event

To get started, read our Knowledge Base guide on creating a basic events:

Creating a Basic Event

Add Tickets

Now that you’ve created an event, you’ll want to create tickets.

How To Create an Event Ticket

Add Workshops

If you’re offering your attendees workshops and seminars, you can turn those into add-ons that are included and recorded with each registration. You can also add fees specific to each one.

How to Add and Configure Event Workshops

Add Meal Plans

If you’d like to offer your attendees a meal plan, you'll find we’ve created the tools to let you do it.

How to Create an Event Meal Plan

Create an Event Reminder

Setting up an automatic reminder to invitees is a good way to make sure they are aware of your event, especially if the date is getting close.

How to Create and Manage Event Reminders

Managing Registration

Member365 offers a number of ways to handle event registration; you can direct users to a registration page or register them yourself, or import them from another source. You can also ask for information during the registration process, like a form or simply a specific attendee’s name for each ticket.

Add a Form

You can include a form in the registration process, either by associating one with the event or by attaching a specific form to a specific ticket type.

How to Include a Form During Event Registration

How to Include a Form and Attach It to a Specific Ticket Type

Import Registrations

If you’re registering attendees through another platform, follow this guide to import those registrants into Member365:

How to Import Registrants from a Third-Party Platform into an Event

Force Ticket Assignment

You can sell tickets with no specific information attached, but if you’d like, you can require users to provide a name and email address for each one.

How to Make Name and Email Entry Mandatory During Event Registration

Register a Non-Member

It is possible to register a non-member to your event; here’s how:

How to Register a Non-Member to an Event

Compile a Registration List

If you’d like to create a list of all contacts registered for our event, consult our guide:

How to Build a List Based on Event Registration

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