How to Change a Member’s Membership Category

There is no official swap feature in Member365. To change someone from one Membership Category to another, however, we can imitate the behavior of a Category Swap through a series of steps!

If your Contact has an Active Membership but you would like to swap it for a different Membership Category, continue reading this article.

Please Note: If you are switching a Primary Contact from one Group Membership to another, all Employee Accounts will need to be re-added once you have completed the swap.

Make a note of the Employee Accounts and their email addresses before archiving or deleting the original Membership Category Enrollment.


Adding the New Membership Category

We will first enroll our Contact into the new Membership Category. As an Administrator in Member365, there are two ways to grant someone Membership.


Enroll Now – This Method will add the Contact to their new Membership right away. However, this method also skips the application process, so no Membership Form will be filled out and no invoice will generate.

Register Manually – This method follows the formal application process as if you were applying for the new Membership on behalf of the Contact. This method will generate a Membership invoice automatically.

If you want to follow the formal process, choose the ‘Register Manually’ option. If you simply want to enroll this Contact quickly and take care of the rest manually on an as-needed basis, then choose the ‘Enroll Now’ option.


Method 1: Manually Enroll Now

The fastest way to enroll a Contact into a new Membership Category is through the ‘Enroll Now’ option. Remember that this method only adds the Contact to a new Membership Category: no automated processes that are usually tied to a Membership Application will be enacted.

Consult this Knowledge Base article for the steps on how to enroll a Contact into a new Membership manually!

Remember: Pay careful attention to the notes in the article linked above.

This method will not enact any automated processes related to Email Consent, Member Portal Access, or Membership Fee Invoices. Follow the steps in the article above closely to ensure that everything is set up as you need, and carry out the manual steps to make any changes if needed.


Method 2: Register Membership Manually

If you need to complete a Membership Application Form on behalf of this Contact, or if you would rather not have to worry about checking anything manually, then the longer process of Manual Registration can be used instead!

We have a Knowledge Base article that outlines the steps for a Manual Registration as well.


Please Note: This method will generate a Membership Invoice automatically.

If, however, the Contact already paid their dues from the old Category you’re swapping them out of and you don’t wish to charge them again, then feel free to either void the new Membership Invoice or mark it as Paid by Credit Card Offline.


Removing an Old Membership Category

Our Contact is now enrolled into the new Membership Category! To finish the process of swapping Membership Categories, it’s now safe to get rid of the old one.

A note for Group Memberships:

When you Archive or Delete the Membership of a Group’s Primary Contact, the Employee Account status of all group members will delete along with it.

Make a note of all the Employee Accounts in a Group Membership before proceeding. Save the emails of these Employee Accounts in a list or Excel File.


Method 1: Archive the old Membership

On the Contact Record of your Member, click ‘Show Actions’ within the ‘Membership/Subscription Summary’ section on the right-hand side of the page.

Next, click ‘Archive Membership’.from the additional options that appear, and click ‘Confirm’ when prompted.


Method 2: Delete the old Membership

Click ‘Membership (MMS)’ from the left-hand side of the Contact Record whose old Membership we are deleting.

Locate the tab corresponding to their old Membership Category, then click the ‘Delete’ button and confirm again when prompted.


Deleting the record of someone’s Membership Category is final.

Their history for that Category will disappear, and you will not be able to retrieve it. We typically recommend Archiving Membership Categories instead for this reason, unless you know definitively that Deletion is what you want.

Re-Add Employee Accounts (Group Memberships)

If you were switching a Primary Contact from one Group Membership to another, then our final step will be to re-populate the new Group Membership.

Retrieve the list or Excel File of Employee Accounts that you saved, and populate the Contact’s new Membership through the help of this Knowledge Base article.


Congratulations, you have changed a Contact’s Membership Category!

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