How To Process Check, Cash, and Offline Credit Card Transactions

This guide will step you through the process of marking an invoice as paid within Member365 when the payee has not paid online with their credit card.

Find The Correct Invoice

1. Log into your Member365 administrator account.

2. From the admin dashboard, click ‘Financial‘ in the top toolbar.




3. This will bring you to the Financial Management page with all of the invoices. Using the search bar or the list, navigate to the invoice you would like to process manually.


Process The Payment

4. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and click the blue ‘Process Payment‘ button.

If Paid By Credit Card, Offline

1. If your payee has paid their invoice by credit card through a physical terminal, sending you their card information, or any other means that isn’t your online payment gateway – Click ‘Credit Card (Offline)

2. Click ‘Continue’ in the resulting window.

Congratulations, you’ve marked this invoice as paid!

If Paid By Check

1. If your payee has paid their invoice by cheque, click ‘Check‘ in the ‘Mark Invoice as Paid’ window.

2. Input the check number and date received into the ensuing window, and click ‘Continue

You can send your payee confirmation of check payment, or simply mark the payment.


If Paid By Cash

1. If your payee has paid by cash, click ‘Cash’ in the ‘Mark Invoice as Paid’ window.


2. In the following screen, input any comments you might have about the payment, and continue with or without sending your payee a confirmation email.


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