Group Memberships: Everything you Need to Know

Group Memberships in Member365 are perfect for families, large organizations, or any team that would require collective use of the system. Whether you have parents signing up on behalf of their kids, or representatives of an entire office department, configuring Group Memberships on your site is fast and easy.

As its name implies, a Group Membership grants membership to multiple Contacts through a single Membership Application or Renewal. The group members themselves will never need to worry about their membership status: Group Memberships' allows everything to be managed by one Contact.

How can you create a Group Membership in Member365? Who signs up, and how are group members added? Continue reading to learn the answer to those questions and more!


How do I create a Group Membership?

Group Memberships are configured similarly to any other Membership Category, just with different settings. Consult this Knowledge Base article to learn how to create a new Group Membership or learn how to convert an existing membership into a Group Membership.


Who applies for a Group Membership?

Only one person will ever apply for a Group Membership on behalf of their family, organization, or group. This person is called the Primary Contact. The Primary Contact is automatically assigned the Member Manager and Billing Contact roles.

You can also enroll in a Primary Contact manually, as you would with any other member. Continue reading here to learn how that would be done.


Who makes up the rest of the group?

Employee Accounts constitute the rest of the group. You can think of an ‘Employee Account’ as simply a group member. Once added to the system, Employee Accounts are just like any other member in Member365. The key difference is that Employee Accounts will never have to bother with applications or renewals: that is the responsibility of their group’s Primary Contact and Billing Contact.

Never populate a Group Membership in any other way. To add members to a group, add them as Employee Accounts.

If an organization asks you to add members to their Group Membership for them, never re-submit a Membership Application: add their new member as an Employee Account using this Knowledge Base article as a reference.


How are group members added?

Group members are added directly by the group’s Membership Manager or by one of your Administrators. These new group members do not need to apply or sign anything up themselves. Once an Employee Account has been created, the new group member will be granted member portal access and will be assigned an employee membership on their contact record under the primary contact.

Consult this Knowledge Base article to learn how to populate Group Memberships.


How are group members removed?

We have a Knowledge Base article detailing the steps for removing an Employee Account from a Group Membership.


Do group members sign up themselves?

No. Make this clear to your users. The Primary Contact is the only group member who applies for the membership; they act on behalf of the entire organization, family, or team. Every other group member – the ‘Employee Accounts’ – must be added manually by the membership manager or by one of your Administrators.


Can a Group Membership’s Primary Contact be changed?

Yes. Consult this Knowledge Base article to learn how.


Congratulations, you now know about Group Memberships! We wish you the best of luck in configuring and working with them.

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