How to test your Event Registration


You have created an Event, and would like to preview the registration process. This article will cover the best way to test out your Event Registrations in Member365!

Every Event in Member365 has a Public Registration Link. Consult this Knowledge Base article to learn more about what it does, and where you can find it.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. The Public Registration Link will be under the 'Public Link' sub-header. Copy and paste the Public Registration Link to share your event online.

Copy the public link, and open a new browser window in Incognito Mode to test the registration with a clear cache.

Click 'Settings', then 'Safety', then 'InPrivate Browsing', or press Control+Shift+P.




Testing the Event Registration

1. While in Incognito Mode, paste the Event’s Public Registration Link into your browser.

2. Click the button labeled ‘Register Now.

Image showing a sample Public Registration page, indicating the 'Register Now' button and showing that we're in Incognito Mode.

Button not showing up?

If you do not see the ‘Register Now’ button, the registration window for your Event is closed.

Return to your Administrator Dashboard, and check the dates in your Event Settings.

3. If want to test how the registration would look to a Member, click the ‘Already a member? Login to Register’ button.

Alternatively, simply enter their email address if you have No-Login Registration configured and would like to test that. Use the email box to test Non-Member Registrations as well.

Image indicating the 'Already a member? Login to Register' button, and the email address box, seen when starting an Event Registration.

4. After clicking to Continue, you will select the ticket types and how much of each you would like to purchase. Use the drop-down menus as necessary, then click ‘Continue to Step 2’ and confirm when prompted.

Image showing an example Event Registration, selecting one ticket with the drop-down menu as our first step before clicking 'Continue to Step 2'.

Don't see the ticket types you want?

Access to tickets in Member365 can vary from Contact to Contact depending on their Membership Category and Status.

If you do not see a ticket here that you should be seeing, return to the Administrator Dashboard and check the options for that ticket in your Event Settings.

5. Assign the tickets you have purchased as necessary by clicking the ‘Assign Ticket’ button. If a ticket has an associated Event Form, you will be prompted to fill it out.

Image showing the 'Assign' ticket button, and indicating the button to continue to the next step.

Be aware that completing and submitting a Form, even as a test, will add that test response to your Analytics!

6. If your Event has a Form associated to the registration as a whole, you will be prompted to fill it out next. If not, you will be taken to the billing information screen.

7. You have completed most of the Event Registration, so your test can end here. If you would like to go all the way through and pay for this test registration, however, populate the Billing Information and proceed with the payment.

Image showing the Billing Information screen that's seen when registering for an Event.

If you pay for your purchase via credit card ensure that you refund your purchase to preserve your registration and financial records for the event.


Congratulations, you now know how to test an Event Registration in Member365!

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