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Workspaces and Committees have similar setup processes, as Committees have their own version of the Workspace feature. However, the features in the Committees tool are geared towards small groups of users who will all be allowed equal access to view, edit and delete contents from the shared file library and discussion board,  while Workspaces are designed for larger groups where more per-user moderation is needed. Decide which of these two features suits your needs best; if you’d rather use a Committee, see our corresponding Getting Started guide.

Getting Started with Workspaces

Begin the process by creating a basic Workspace and choosing some basic settings about what features to include in your Workspace.

How to Create a Workspace

Granting Workspace Permissions

Once you’ve created a Workspace, it’s time to set access permissions and decide who can use the file library, post discussions, etc. There are two separate methods for this, depending on whether you want to grant permissions on a per-user basis or to make choices for much larger groups.

How to Grant Worspace Permissions to Individual Members

How to Grant Workspace Permissions to a Specific Group

Adding Files to a Workspace

One of the most useful features of a Workspace is the file library. Use these guides to categorize and add media for viewing by all users who have been provided access to the file library.

How to Add Workspace File Categories

How to Upload a File to a Workspace

How to Access a Workspace File Library

Using the Discussion Board

Enabling the discussion board provides your Workspace members a space to ask questions and conduct conversations about the topics they care about most. Using it is easy; to learn how, see our guides:

How to Post a Topic to a Workspace Discussion Board

How to Access and Reply to Workspace Discussion Topics

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