Getting Started: Committees


Committees and Workspaces have similar setup processes, as Committees have their own version of the Workspace feature. However, the features in the Committees tool are geared towards small groups of users who will all be allowed equal access to view, edit and delete contents from the shared file library and discussion board, while Workspaces are designed for larger groups where more per-user moderation is needed. Decide which of these two features suits your needs best; if you’d rather use a Workspace, see our corresponding Getting Started guide.

Getting Started with Committees

Begin the process by creating a basic committee and, if desired, setting up a basic workspace in the same interface.

How to Create a Committee

Creating Committee Roles

After you’ve created your Committee, you’ll want to designate roles for your members: giving them titles specific to their tasks or positions within the Committee will make it easy to tell who’s who.

How to Create Committee Roles

Managing Committee Members

Now that you’ve got a Committee and its roles in place, it’s time to fill those roles by adding members to your committee.

How to Add a Member to a Committee

Importing Committee Members

If you’d like to create this committee from a pre-existing list of members, use this guide to learn how to import them.

How to Import Committee Members

Managing Existing Committees

Now that your committee has been set up, we’ll show you where can you find it in the Member365 interface as well as where you can go to edit an existing committee.

How to Change a Committee Member’s Term

How to Change a Committee Member’s Role

How to Remove a Committee Member

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