Managing Invoices in Member365

In Member365, your invoices can be accessed and managed all in one place! You can view a list of all invoices, and filter by their payment status: managing invoices that are paid, pending payment, voided, refunded, or pending refund is easy from this Invoice Management page. Continue reading to learn more.

Viewing the List of Invoices

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, click ‘Financial’ on the bar at the top of the page. From the dropdown, click 'Manage Invoices'.



2. You will be brought to the Invoice Management page! All invoices in your system will be listed here, regardless of date and payment status.

Image showing the Invoice Management page, and indicating a list of invoices as an example.

Managing the List of Invoices

This Invoice Management page serves as the main hub for your financial transactions in Member365. If you need to locate an invoice or perform an action on an invoice, it can be found here.

If you know the specific Invoice Number, the search bar will locate it for you.

Image showing an example of using the search bar to locate a specific invoice.

Alternatively, entering the name of a Contact will yield a list of their invoices.

Image showing an example of using the search bar to filter by a Contact's name.


Filtering by Status

Use the ‘Filter by Status’ drop-down menu to filter the list of invoices by Payment Status. Selecting an option from the drop-down menu will ensure that only invoices of that type will display.

Image indicating the 'Filter by Status' drop-down menu, and the resulting options.

All – Show full list of Invoices, regardless of Payment Status.

Draft – Show invoices that were created by an Administrator, but not issued. They have been saved as a draft instead.

Paid – Show invoices that have been paid.

Pending Payment – Show invoices with outstanding payments. Contacts on these Invoices still owe money.

Pending Refund – Show invoices that are pending a refund. Contacts on these invoices are owed a refund from you.

Refunded – Show invoices that have been refunded by you successfully.

Void – Show invoices that have been voided. Pending invoices can be voided, after which point the associated Contact no longer owes payment.

Viewing an Invoice

To view the details of an invoice, click its Invoice Number, or click the Eye icon to the left of its Invoice Number.

Image indicating the clickable Invoice Number, and the Eye icon to the left of the Invoice Number.

Viewing a Paid Invoice

The only action available when viewing a paid invoice is issuing a refund. Consult this Knowledge Base article for more information.

Since Event Purchases are refunded automatically when a Contact withdraws their ticket purchase, Event Invoices will not have an ‘Add Refund’ button. The exception to this is if the event occurred in the past, in that case the ‘Add Refund’ button will be available.

Viewing an Invoice Pending Payment

You can process pending invoices as an Administrator in Member365. When viewing the invoice, consult our respective Knowledge Base articles for steps on how to process payments by Cash, Check, Offline Credit Card, or Credit Card.

Image indicating the 'Process Payment' button that's seen at the bottom of an Invoice Pending Payment.

What about Pending Refunds?

Invoices pending refund are actually best managed through the ‘A/P Aging’ report. Consult this Knowledge Base article for more information.

Voiding an Invoice

Invoices that are pending payment can also be voided from the Invoice Management page. Voided invoices will no longer need to be paid by the associated Contact.

To void an invoice, click the icon with the circle and line next to its name. Proceed through the resulting windows as prompted.

Image indicating the icon of a circle with a line through it, to the left of the Invoice Number.

Creating a New Invoice

There is also a button to create a new invoice on the Invoice Management page.

Image indicating the 'New Invoice' button at the top of the Invoice Management page.

After clicking the ‘New Invoice’ button, you can follow the familiar process for creating a new invoice manually. If you are new to those steps, continue reading here.

Congratulations, you are now familiar with the Invoice Management page in Member365!

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