How to add Store Items to a Manual Invoice

As an Administrator, you can create Invoices for Store Purchases on behalf of Contacts!

When you issue an ad-hoc Invoice with an added a Store Product, it will be as though the Contact has purchased that item themselves.

Enable the Store Item

Before creating a manual invoice and adding a Store Item, you must first enable that item to be added!

1. From the Member365 Administrative Dashboard, click ‘Modules’ at the top of the screen.

Image indicating the 'Modules' button at the top of the screen.

2. Hover over ‘Store’ on the drop-down menu that appears, then click ‘Manage Products’ from the next drop-down menu to its right.

Image indicating we're hovering over 'Store' from the Modules drop-down menu, then clicking 'Manage Product' on the drop-down menu to its right.

3. Locate the Store Item you wish to add to an Invoice from the list and click its name, or click ‘+ Add Product’ to add a new Store Item.

Image showing a sample list of store items, indicating the 'Teddy Bear' item, and indicating the '+ Add Product' button.

4. Edit or configure the basic settings of your Store Item as needed, or leave everything the same. The toggle we are concerned with is titled ‘Populate this item on an Ad-hoc invoice’.

Image showing that 'Populate this item on an Ad-hoc invoice' is green.

You can also toggle ON ‘Hide this item in the store’ if you would like this Store Item to be available exclusively through these manual invoices. Click ‘Modify Product’ when you are satisfied to confirm all your changes.

Create the Invoice

Now that our Store Item is available on manual invoices, we can add it when issuing ad-hoc invoices to Contacts!

5. Click ‘Financial’ from the Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

Image showing the 'Financial' button at the top of the page.

6. On the dropdown that follows, click ‘Create Invoice’.


7. Type the name or email of the Contact you are charging into the search bar, and select their record.

Image showing the use of the search bar when creating an Ad-hoc invoice.


The rest of the process in building and issuing the Invoice will be the same as is detailed in this Knowledge Base article.

Below, we will only cover the steps for adding a Store Item to this Invoice. For guidance on other aspects of the Invoice Creation process, consult the Knowledge Base article linked above.

8. To add a Store Item, click the magnifying glass icon to the left of the new line item.

Image indicating the magnifying glass icon to the left of a new Line Item when creating an invoice.

9. Locate the Store Item you wish to add from the window that appears, using the search bar if necessary, then click ‘Add’. If the item is not showing up, ensure the toggle from the previous sub-header is enabled.

Image showing that we searched 'Teddy Bear' in the pop-up window for Store Items, and indicating the 'Add' item on the left of the entry.


Since issuing these ad-hoc invoices with Store Items is equivalent to your Contact purchasing the item themselves, the ‘Units Available’ field will still be affected and enforced!

If you do not know how a product’s quantity is determined, consult this Knowledge Base article.

The product has now been added to your new Invoice! If you choose to edit the ‘Units’ field, keep the alert above regarding product quantities in mind: the units available will still be affected and enforced!

Image showing an invoice with our 'Teddy Bear' Store Product added as a line item.

Complete your invoice as necessary and issue it to your Contact by following the steps in this article.

Congratulations, you now know how to add a Store Item to a manual invoice!

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