Setting Directory Field Permissions

The Field Permissions menu allows you to set which fields can be searched in your directory, and to control whether users can toggle the visibility of a given piece of information. You can set independent options for both your internal Member Portal directory and your public-facing directory.

If you were directed here by the article on creating a basic directory, click here to skip directly to information on setting directory rules. Otherwise, continue reading for instructions on where to find this feature!

Accessing Directory Settings

1. On the Admin Dashboard go to the main menu and click on 'Modules.'

2. Hover over 'Directory' and click on 'View Directory.' 

4. Click the name of the directory you would like to configure.

5. Click the ‘Field Permissions‘ tab.

Field Permissions

In this tab, you can choose which contact information and address will be displayed, which fields must be shown in a directory listing, and which ones the users can choose to show or hide.

Allow contact information to be shown in the directory – when this is toggled on it displays the members contact information, including name, address, phone and email address.  You can further disable fields using the Setting Field Display Permissions options explained below.

Which address will appear in the member directory – by default the business information will appear in the member directory however you can display the residential information instead if preferred.  Note that only one or the other can be displayed.

Setting Field Display Permissions
This page is organized into two halves, with settings for the internal, Member Portal-facing directory on the left, and settings for the public-facing directory on the right.

Sets the field to show in the directory. If this is disabled, the field will not be searchable.
Sets that a field must show in the search results, and cannot be hidden.
On by default
Sets that a field appears by default on the search results; the user will be able to toggle this off if ‘Force‘ is not enabled.
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