How to Configure Job Board Position Statuses

This article will describe how to configure your job board by adding position statuses: these are tags like “full-time”, “part-time”, “contract”, or other similar options for categorizing the positions you advertise.


If you’ve come here from a previous article in our Job Board ‘Getting Started’ series, skip to ‘Adding a Position Status’

Accessing Job Board Configuration

1. Login to your Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

2. On the top bar, click ‘Options‘, and then click ‘Configuration‘ from the drop-down menu that appears.

3. In the section marked ‘Job Board‘, click ‘Setup‘.

Adding a Position Status

4. Next to ‘Position Statuses‘, click ‘Manage‘.

First, click ‘Add Position‘. In the window that pops up, enter the name of the position status into the text box, and then click ‘Add Position‘.

Deleting a Position Status

To delete a position status, click the checkbox next to its name (or next to multiple statuses, if you wish to delete more than one at a time), click the ‘Delete Selected‘ button that appears at the bottom of the list once one checkbox is filled, and then click ‘Confirm‘ in the dialogue box that pops up.

Congratulations, you have created or deleted a job position status!

Next Steps

Now that you’ve set up your job position statuses, your next step is to configure salary types!

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