How to create an Event Form


You can create a Form for your Contacts to submit when they register for an Event in Member365!

Event Forms allow you to collect things like dietary restrictions, speaker preferences and areas of interest. Allowing you to manage and monitor the logistics of your Event just by viewing the Event Form’s Analytics!


You can attach an Event Form to an Event in two different places. Where you attach the Event Form will impact the registration process.

Event Forms can be attached to Individual Event Tickets – so that a Form must be submitted every time that ticket is purchased – or to the Overall Registration.

Event Forms on Individual Tickets

If you attach your Event Form to an Event Ticket, then registrants will need to submit the Event Form unique to the Event Ticket they purchase.

This therefore allows you to create multiple event forms, if you want to ask attendees different questions depending on the ticket type they’re purchasing, ex. a Student Ticket vs. a Corporate Ticket.

Each Form Submission will link and correspond to the Contact that the ticket is assigned to.

For Example...

If someone purchased three Event Tickets and assigned those tickets to their colleagues, they would need to submit three Event Forms during registration: one on each colleague’s behalf!

Consult this Knowledge Base article to learn how to create an Event Form and attach it to an Event Ticket.

Event Forms on Overall Registration

If you attach your Event form to the Event in general, then registrants will need to submit the Event Form just once, at the end of the registration process.

This process is ideal if you want to ask all attendees the same questions, regardless of the ticket type they’re purchasing.

Event Form Submissions that are tied to the overall Event will link and correspond to the Contact who is paying and completing the registration.


If you ever run into a scenario where your Event Form is being posed on two separate occasions — during ticket selection, then again at the end — you probably attached your Event Form both to the overall registration, and to the individual tickets.

It’s best practice to choose one method or the other, depending on what works best for you.

To learn how to create an Event Form and attach it to your overall Event registration, consult this Knowledge Base article.

Congratulations, you now know how to create an Event Form, and how to attach it to your Event!

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