Getting Started: Directories



We’ve put together a few handy guides on how to create and use directories. Read on to learn how to create and customize directories, how to use forms to fill in directory listings, and how both users and administrators can customize what information is shown in a directory listing.

Creating a Directory

This guide to creating a directory will start by linking you to an article describing the first page of options, and then you’ll be walked through the more advanced options one page at a time.


Creating a Directory


Using Directory Forms

You can create and customize forms into which users can enter data and then use those forms to fill in directory listings.

Creating a Directory Form

To get started, follow this guide to creating a directory form:


How to Create a Directory Form


Attaching a Form to a Directory

Creating a directory form isn’t enough: it has to be associated with a directory to have any effect.


How to Attach a Form to a Directory


Turning Form Responses into a Directory Listing

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that your form is equipped to feed into a directory. Follow these instructions to double-check:


How to Allow Directory Form Responses to Populate a Directory Listing


Customizing Directory Listings

Though administrators ultimately control what information is mandatory for or left out of a directory, it is also possible to allow the user control over whether a specific piece of information is included.


Configuration as an Administrator

First, decide which fields are left out, which fields are mandatory, and which ones can be left up to the user:


How to Configure What Information Is Listed in a Directory as an Administrator


Customization as a User

After settings have been chosen on the administrator’s side of the system, users can follow this guide to learn how to toggle any field you’ve allowed them to control:


How to Configure What Information Is Displayed in a Directory as a Member


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