Membership Management with Member365

When you sign up to use Member365’s services, you’re taking on the help of a versatile software suite that features a wide variety of options for keeping track of and organizing a membership-based organization. In addition to our Contact Record Management system, our software contains a pair of powerful tools that will make organizing and interacting with your members simple — the Member Portal interface, and the Membership Category system — and a variety of tools for managing user accounts, registrations, and renewals.

The Member Portal: Everything in One Place

When your users log in to your site, they’ll be greeted with the Member Portal — a website that serves as the front-facing side of everything you to do to set up your organization in the Administrator Dashboard. This is where your users will come to register for events, renew their memberships, take courses, and so much more.

By rolling everything together into one interface, it’s easy for your members to find what they need! To read more about the Member Portal, click here.

Membership Categories: Easy, Intuitive Organization

We understand that your members don’t all make the same commitment to your organization. Some might only be interested in a limited set of features and events, while some might want access to everything! To reflect this, we offer you the ability to create different Membership Categories: these can be thought of as separate tiers, each offering different privileges, features, and levels of access.

To read more about Membership Categories, click here.

Accounts, Registrations, and Renewals

Member365 makes it easy to create user accounts, configure your registration process, and manage how and when your users renew their memberships. To get started learning about the tools available for managing user accounts, click here.

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