Contact Record Management with Member365

At the core of Member365’s services is a powerful set of features for managing contact records of all of your members and other associates. These records feed into every other system in Member365, meaning that adding your contacts makes it easy to reach out, tell them about promotions and events, and understand your membership.

Organize Records for Members and Other Contacts

Our CRM software is designed to allow you to attach all of a user’s activity — applying for membership, paying dues, registering for events, and more — to a profile associated with their contact information, including their organization and business address. This makes keeping track of your contacts easy and convenient.

Suitable for Individuals and Associations

Member365 allows you to add organizations as members as well. You can designate specific users as primary contacts for those organizations, and let them hand out accounts to their employees.

Seamless Interaction

When you add a contact to Member365, entering their email address in any other module in our system will attach their contact record to that activity, meaning that sending them invitations or email bulletins is easy, and so is remembering that you sent them!

Make Mass Communication Easy

Besides letting you record a user’s consent status, allowing you to automatically exclude users from mailing lists if they haven’t consented to electronic messages from you, Member365 lets you design email campaigns and then build a mailing list with filters of your choice. The more you know about your contacts, the better you can tailor your mailing lists!

Access Engagement Analytics for Members and Contacts

Whenever a user interacts with our systems, their activity feeds into our analytics, which means you can figure out who’s actively using your services and who’s not being engaged. Our CRM software will let you figure out where your users are spending their attention.

Getting Started

Start building a foundation for success by learning more about what Member365’s CRM can do for your organization. Consult our Getting Started guide to find everything you need to know!

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