How to Upload a File to a Description

Several modules in Member365 have a Description Field. Whether you are writing the Description for a Membership Category, or changing the Member Portal Welcome Message, you can upload and attach a file!

The steps in this article will work for any Module that has a field with an editable text area.

Image showing the series of options/settings that appear above a text area editor.

Attach a File

Within the text editor, highlight the piece of text to which you are linking your attachment.

Image where we have highlighted text that says, 'Click here to download the PDF', with an arrow indicating the Upload File button.

Click the Upload File icon to attach your file.

Image of the Upload File icon.

Unless you are inserting an Image or other media into the Description box, stay under the ‘Show Files’ tab, and select your sub-tab as necessary.

Image showing the File Manager, with the 'Show Files' tab, and 'Shared Files' and 'My Files' as sub-tabs.


Shared Files – All Administrators on your system have access to files uploaded to the ‘Shared Files’ tab.

My Files – Files uploaded to the ‘My Files’ tab will only be manageable by you.

Upload a File

If the file you wish to attach has not already been uploaded, navigate to whichever folder you’d like under the ‘My Files’ tab then click ‘Upload Here’.

Image showing the file manager, with two 'Upload Here' options -- one at the top of the file system, and one inside the 'Meeting Notes' folder.

Click ‘Choose Files’ from the prompt that appears at the bottom of the file manager window, then locate and select the desired file from your device.

Image indicating the 'Choose Files' button at the bottom of the file management window.

Once your file has uploaded, click its name from within the file management window, then click the ‘Insert’ button.

Image showing we have uploaded 'Training Document' as a PDF, and indicating the 'Insert' button at the bottom of the window.

Our file is now attached to the text! When Members click the ‘Click here to download the PDF’ link, their browser will download a copy of the file we have just uploaded and attached!

You can unlink a file at any time by clicking its linked text, then clicking the ‘Unlink’ icon.

Image showing that the 'Click here to download the PDF' text is now a link to the file we've updated. There is also a box indicating the Unlink icon.
Congratulations, you now know how to upload and attach documents to text description fields in Member365!

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