How to Post a Topic to a Workspace Discussion Board

Posting topics to your Workspace Discussion Board is simple and straightforward. Follow the guide below to be stepped through the process:

1. Log in to the Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

2. Delete everything after “.com/” in the URL in order to access the Member Portal.

3. From the Member Portal, click ‘Workspaces’ in the top toolbar

4. Select the Workspace you would like to post a topic for.

5. From the left-hand toolbar, select ‘Discussion Forum‘.

Creating Your Discussion Topic

6. From the Discussion Forum screen, click the big green ‘Post New Topic‘ button.

7. Using the available fields, create your discussion topic! You can find an explanation of each option below!

Subject: The text you input into this field will be the title of your discussion thread, view-able by Workspace members.

Topic: After clicking a discussion thread, Members will see the content that you input into this field.

Make Sticky?: If you would like this topic to remain at the top of your discussion threads, be sure to check off this box!

8. When done configuring your discussion topic, click the blue ‘Post‘ button to finish!

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