Getting Started: Member Portal

When you begin using and configuring your Member365 account, one of your first steps should be to set up your Member Portal, as almost all of your users’ interactions with your system take place there. We’ve compiled a list of a number of handy guides that will teach you how to configure your Member Portal, how to provide access or edit credentials, and how to use certain features exclusive to the user-facing side of the system.

Configuring Your Member Portal

To get started, follow these instructions to configure the banner image, welcome message, and other pre-written messages displayed to users when using the Member Portal.

How To Configure Your Member Portal

Managing Non-Member Access

Member Portal access is automatically granted to members, but in some cases, you may wish to grant Member Portal access to non-members. The next few guides relate to setting the rules for and granting non-member access.

You can decide which features are available to non-members who are given Portal access. To do so, read the following guide:

How To Manage Member Portal Access Rights for Non-Members

Assigning a Non-Member Portal Account

Follow this guide to provide portal access to a specific non-member user:

How to Assign a Member Portal Account

Non-Member Portal Invitations

To edit the text of the invitation that will be sent out when access is granted, use this guide:

How to Edit Member Portal Invites

Permissions and Credentials

This guide will show you how to provide a new username and password to a Member Portal user:

How to Change a User’s Member Portal Username and Password

Creating Portal Administrators

If you wish to make a user a portal administrator, capable of editing features of the Member Portal but not necessarily the Administrator Dashboard, follow this guide:

How to Grant or Revoke Member Portal Administrator Status


The Workspace feature can only be used through the Member Portal. Here’s how to create one and configure some basic settings:

How to Create a Workspace


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