Workspace Directory Field Permissions


Workspace directories are only visible within a workspace an admin has enabled the feature to allow members that have permission to participate within that workspace to see the other members of the workspace.  The admin can also determine what member's personal information is visible within the directory to allow members another way to connect outside the works for example by phone or email. 

This article does not show you how to create a workspace to learn how to create a workspace click here.

Accessing Workspace Field Permissions

Please note workspaces are created and managed within the Member portal.

1. From the admin dashboard in the top menu click on 'Member Portal.'

2. On the top bar within the Member Portal, click ‘Administration'.




3. Scroll down to the Workspace you want to edit and click the 'Pencil icon' next to the name of the workspace to edit.




How to enable the Workspace Directory Field Permissions

1. Scroll down to the Workspace Directory Section. In this section, you can choose which information will be displayed, which fields must be shown in the workplace directory listing, and which ones the users can choose to show or hide.


2. Click on the bow next to 'Enable Directory.' When this is toggled on it displays the information, including email address, organization name, job title, residential & telephone, business phone, organization phone, and cell phone.



Which information will appear in the workspace directory 

By default, all settings will be toggled off when you first enabled them. You can choose below which details you would like to appear in the workspace directory to check the bow next to the field you want to appear. 

  • Email Address:  The primary email address on the contact's contact record.

  • Organization Name: The name of the contact's organization or company. 

  • Job Title:  A name that describes the contact's job or position. 

  • Residential Address & Telephone:  The contact residential address and phone number.

  • Business Address & Telephone: The contact business address and phone number.

  • Organization Address & Telephone: The primary phone number of the organization. 

  • Cell Phone:  The contact's cellphone number on their contact record.
  • Bibliography:  The contact's bibliography on their profile.
  • Contact Image:  The contact's image from their contact record.


3. Save your updates by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking 'Save.'



To learn more see about workspaces visit our Getting Started: Workspace knowledge base article. 


Congratulations, you have created a workplace directory and updated the workspace directory field permissions!



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