How long should I wait to process a refund, or what do I do when a refund fails



In most cases, refunds can be processed immediately after the initial purchase transaction is finalized. However, if your refund is denied, in some cases, you may have to wait up to 24 hours and then try again.  A refund that fails maybe because of the transaction amount or something else your payment process has put into place for security reasons.  


If you try again after 24 hours and the refund fails a second time, we recommend you log in directly to your payment processor and try the refund there.  For instructions on how to process refunds in Bambora, Stripe, or, learn more through this knowledge base article that includes a video walkthrough.  Please remember that if the refund is successful there, you should update the payment status in Member365.


If the refund fails after trying directly in the payment processor, please contact them directly for further troubleshooting.  Contact information for Bambora, Stripe, and can be found here.

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