Event Promo Code Usage Report


Promo Codes are used to offer discounts. The system generates reports to account for the quantity and amount of discounts used/redeemed. However, the Promo Code Report under the Financials tab is for the promo code offered on membership applications and renewals. You can check this article to read more details on the promo code report.  Since the promo code for Events is not covered on that report, however, you can get a promo code usage report in the event reporting tool for your events.


How to Access Event Reports

1. Log in to the Member365 Administrator Dashboard. From the bar at the top of the dashboard, click on  ‘Events'.



2. Click on 'Reports'.



3. Click on the name of the event.



How to Acces the Event Promo code Report


1. Click on the 'Financial' tab.



2. Click on the 'Revenue Statement'.



3. Click on 'Export Detailed Statement'.



4. The Excel report will show you the promo code usage under columns 'H' and 'I' with the descriptions ' Discount Amount' and Discount Code'. 



Congratulations! You now know how to run a report that shows event promo code usage!








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