How to Add Store Tokens to a Membership Category


Do you want to encourage member engagement on the course topic you want to offer for the membership group? You can accomplish this by assigning Store Tokens for a membership application process. Tokens can be used as an incentive offer for new members. These can be used to avail of any educational program courses that are made available for that membership. 

For this article, we are assuming you have already created the membership category. If you have not, click here to learn how to create a membership category.


How to Access the Membership

1. From the Admin Dashboard, go to the main menu and hover over 'Membership'.



2. Click on 'Category Setup'.



3. Click on the name of the Membership category.



How to Add a Token

4. Click on 'Other Settings.'


5. Scroll down  to the 'Store Product Token' section and click the 'Add Product Token' button.



6. On the 'What product included in the purchase of a membership?' section, assign the token to an eligible course by clicking on the 'Select Product' dropdown.


7. On the 'How many tokens for this product will be included in the purchase?' section, assign the value of a membership token that can be redeemed for the corresponding course.



8. Click the 'Assign Token' button.



9. Click the 'Save Membership' button.



How to Use/Redeem Tokens

A new member will receive an email of the earned token. They need to click on the 'Click to redeem' link and the program will bring the member to the corresponding course. Tokens can likewise be assigned to anyone to avail of any corresponding course the token can be redeemed for.




Congratulations! You now know how to add and redeem Tokens!



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