Contact Record Management Designed For Your Organization

Member365 is not standard Contact Record Management (CRM). Designed specifically for the needs of member-based organizations, it offers a suite of intuitive and accessible tools specific to the requirements of membership management.

Automatic Integration.

Member365’s CRM is about more than just managing Contact Record information. Integrating with our full range of tools, Member365’s CRM super-powers membership management.

Member Portal

Member365’s CRM offers your organization the ability to provide Member Portal access to any of your contacts. Allow members and non-members alike to update contact information, manage event registration, and more.

Enhanced Email Campaigns

Enjoy new levels of functionality and ease-of-use for your Email Campaigns by enjoying full integration with Member365’s CRM. Create contact lists of any kind for email campaigns in seconds, confident that all contact info is up-to-date!

Track Payments and Engagement

Member365 automatically tracks the engagement of all your contacts, whether members or not. Track email responses, open invoices, event registration, and more all through Member365’s CRM.

Automatic Compliance.

Member365’s CRM takes the work out of compliance with digital regulation like CANSPAM, CASL, and GDPR by automating the process entirely.


Manage contact consent settings with Member365’s CRM to prevent your organization from ever violating international email legislation.


With Member365’s soft-delete and permanent-delete functions, your organization has the tools to easily maintain compliance with GDPR.

Always Current

Member365 is always updating to ensure that you have the tools necessary to manage regulatory compliance with ease, so you can focus on your Members!

Get Started with Member365’s CRM

Start building a foundation for success by learning more about what Member365’s CRM can do for your organization. Below, you’ll find our Getting Started guide to show you everything you need to know!

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