Download The Member365 Data Import Template


Download the import template. When your data sheet is accurate and clean please submit it for import here.


What to do before the import

  1. Read all about the Perfect Import
  2. Are your membership categories completed and tested
  3. Download import template
  4. Review the formatting of the fields
  5. Create a form for any missing fields
  6. Review your data to ensure it is accurate, up to date, and matching the format in the template provided. (Please Note Email Address, First name, and Last name are mandatory fields)
    • Data checks
      1. No duplicate of emails
      2. All organization names are spelled the same
      3. For group membership, the primary is indicated
      4. Use Short date format for all your dates DD/MM/YYYY
      5. All membership categories are spelled the same in the datasheet as in the system
      6. Inception and Renewal/refresh dates are required for membership categories in the short date format DD/MM/YYYY

How to ensure your data is correct for import

  1. Pick five random rows in your datasheet and ensure the items line up correctly with the contact and column headers.
  2. Check to make sure your Countries and Organizations are all spelled the same and have no variations.
  3. Make sure your membership renewal, member since, and inception dates match correctly 
  4. Make sure the membership categories are spelled the same as the membership category created within Member365



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