Member365 Security


All Member365 include dedicated & reliable Cloud hosting in Amazon Web Services
(AWS) with physical security measures, daily backups, firewalls, and more.

Privacy & Data Ownership

The data you collect through Member365 belongs to you. You entrust us to safeguard
your data, and we implement measures that help to ensure its security and are
transparent about how we handle that data in our terms of service.


Physical Security

Member365 servers are located in AWS data centers which provide biometric access
controls, constant surveillance, redundant power feeds and generators, robust fire
suppression, and carefully monitored climate control to protect the servers that store
your data.

Login Protection

All accounts are password protected, and all passwords are encrypted (i.e., never stored
in clear text). Account logins also have brute-force login protection in order to prevent
individuals/bots from attempting to guess a password too many times.


Threat Scanning & Firewalls

Member365 servers are scanned for threats and vulnerabilities and are protected with
Firewalls to prevent unauthorized connections.



Member365 does not limit the number of membership applications you receive or
contacts saved to the database.



Your data is backed up nightly and stored in a secure offsite location to ensure that,
even in the event of a catastrophe like a tornado or a flood, your information will be safe
, and your records can be quickly restored. We maintain all backups for a period of
seven days.

If you delete your data from our system, it will remain in our backups for the next seven
days and after that point will be permanently deleted.


If you think you have been breached, contact us right away by submitting a ticket.


Incident Management

Member365 provides coverage to respond quickly to all security and privacy events. Member365’s rapid incident response program is responsive and repeatable. Pre-defined incident types, based on historical trending, are created in order to facilitate timely incident tracking, consistent task assignment, escalation, and communication.

In responding to any incident, we first determine the exposure of the information and determine the source of the security problem, if possible. We communicate back to the customer (and any other affected customers) via email or phone (if email is not sufficient). We provide periodic updates as needed to ensure appropriate resolution of the incident.

Our Chief Security Officer reviews all security-related incidents, either suspected or proven, and we coordinate with affected customers using the most appropriate means, depending on the nature of the incident.


PCI Compliance

Member365 allows your members to use their credit cards to transact with your organization. We ensure the security of both your organization and your members when processing payments by credit card by:

  • Only offering integration with PCI DSS compliant payment processing services.
  • Encrypting all credit card information exchanged between your members and your organization.

Learn more about Member365 PCI Compliance here.

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