What Are Contact Classifications?

One of the most powerful ways to use directories is achieved by using another feature of Member365: Contact Classifications, which are referred to in other parts of Member365 as Contact Demographics.

You might have a few of these categories set up already, as they allow you to provide distinct contact information forms for specific groups of users: you can separate your users by designating them as vendors, suppliers, administrative support, and so on. You can create as many as you would like to, covering any and all categories that you think will be useful.

Contact Classifications and Directories

When you create a Contact Classification, it will also become an option presented to you when creating a directory. You can customize what set of contacts is included in your directory by enabling the corresponding contact classifications:

In this example, the directory will contain any members from Contact Demographic X, in addition to any members belonging to the other category whose checkbox is filled in in this image.

Note that if a member is already included in this directory because their membership category has been selected, then choosing to enable their contact classification is unnecessary. In other words, if a member belongs to your Gold membership category and their contact classification is ‘Vendor’, then selecting either the Gold category and the Vendor classification will cause the member to be included in a directory. Selecting both will produce the same result as having just one of them selected.

Getting Started with Contact Classifications

To set up contact classifications/demographics, click here to access our Knowledge Base article.

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