Understanding Portal and Public Directory Settings

The third and fourth tabs in the configuration menu, ‘Public Directory‘ and ‘Portal Directory‘, contain the same group of settings: a variety of toggle switches that control the availability of specific directory features, and tools that will let you add a default image or an overview message.

Each page, however, controls the behaviour of a different directory: the Public Directory is the version shown to users who have visited through the directory’s public access link, while the Portal Directory is shown to users who have logged into the Member Portal.

Toggling Feature Availability

To enable any of these settings, click the left half of the toggle so that it appears green. The explanations below describe what will happen when the toggle is in the green position:

Show membership status?

This setting, when enabled, will show members’ current .

Show Excel Export?

This setting, when enabled, will provide an option to export search results to an Excel file.

Avoiding Privacy Issues

We recommend leaving the Excel export setting disabled: letting users export directory data in this way may be a violation of privacy regulations in your area.

Members can choose what to display?

This setting, when enabled, lets members choose which pieces of information will be displayed in the directory.

Location Search

This setting, when toggled on, adds an option that lets users sort their searches by location. Note that three regional checkboxes appear when you enable this option:

Enabling this setting without filling in any of the regional checkboxes means this feature will not actually appear in the user interface. Each one you enable will add corresponding choices to the drop-down menus users can use to filter their results: ‘Canada‘ will let you select Canadian provinces, ‘USA‘ will let you select American states, and ‘International‘ will add other countries to your users’ filter options.

Specialization Search

This setting exists for certain specialized instances of Member365. If you have not been specifically instructed to use it, disregard this setting.

Show Social Media Links

This setting, when enabled, will show each user’s social media links in their directory listing.

Directory Image

Below the toggle switches, you will find a button labelled ‘Select File‘:

Click this button to navigate to a file on your computer that you would like to display alongside directory entries; the blue pane in the image below shows where it will appear.

Clicking the ‘Select File‘ button will bring up a new window:

Click ‘Choose Files‘ and navigate to a file on your computer; once it is opened, this page will automatically update, and you will be able to see the image below the ‘Select File’ button. We’ve highlighted the area where the preview appears; don’t click the icon we’ve indicated with a red arrow unless you want to remove this image from the directory.


In the last setting on this page, you can enter a text description that will appear in the directory search interface, as seen in the image below:

To edit this text, scroll down and find the text box labelled ‘Directory Overview‘.

Enter the desired directory overview text into this box.

Saving Your Settings

Don’t forget to click the ‘Save‘ button in the bottom-right corner in order to apply these changes to your directory. Remember that clicking ‘Save‘ will change all modifications you have made to both the public and private directory settings in this session.

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