How to Create a Certificate Template

This article will guide you through creating a template for the certificates for an event, membership, or LMS course.

Creating a Template

1. Log in to your Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

2. On the top bar, click ‘Options‘, then ‘Configuration‘ from the drop-down menu that appears.

3. In the ‘Templates’ section, click ‘Setup‘.

4. Click ‘Create’.

5. In the ‘Manage Template’ page, enter a name for this template and use the text editor to design it.

Centering Text

Make sure you don’t miss the button indicated by the red arrow: it will center all the text you create, as long as you don’t switch back to one of the other alignment options next to it.

Using Tags

The templates you create here will have information filled in by whichever system in Member365 — events, membership application, etc. — needs to give out certificates. How will the system know where to put this information? Our text editor features a set of tags that can be added to your template as “fill-in-the-blank” spots.

6. To use tags, click this icon in the text editor:

7. A window will appear showing all of your options for adding tags. Clicking ‘Use‘ will automatically place that tag — the text in the first column — into your document at your cursor’s position.

These tags can also simply be copied from this window and pasted in, or typed out manually. As long as {FIRST_NAME} appears in your certificate, that spot will be replaced by the first name of the member to whom this certificate is issued.

Additional Settings

8. Select what category of template this will be from the drop-down menu, and turn the ‘Is Default?‘ toggle to green if you would like to make this the default template for that category.

9. Click ‘Publish‘.

Congratulations, you have created a certificate template!

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