Configuring Test and Quiz results on submission

You can choose how quiz results display to your members. Do you want each answer displayed at the end? Do you want no feedback at all? Continue reading this article to learn how quiz results can be configured!

If you have not yet worked with quizzes in Member365, read this article before proceeding.

Accessing a Quiz

1. Log in to your Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

2. On the top bar, click ‘Modules‘, hover over ‘Forms‘, then click ‘Manage‘.

3. Click on the name of the quiz you would like to edit.

Pass/Fail Result

Feedback and results are specified under the ‘Grade & Results’ section of the Setup tab when configuring a quiz. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, consult our Knowledge Base article that outlines how quizzes work in Member365.

Image showing the 'Grade & Result' tab when configuring a quiz.

1. If ‘Show pass/fail result’ is OFF, then your members will receive no feedback at all upon submitting their quiz. They will see only a message confirming that their quiz has been submitted.

2. If ‘Show pass/fail result’ is ON, then your members will know whether they passed the quiz upon submission, and they will see their overall score. Setting this toggle ON will also provide you further options relating to quiz results

.Image showing a sample quiz submission. Someone scored 4/5 and there is a pass message reading 'Congratulations, you have passed the quiz!'

In the example above, ‘Show pass/fail result’ is ON. The overall score is revealed, as is a message informing the respondent that they passed.

If the toggle were OFF, then the respondent would only see confirmation that the quiz was submitted.

Per Question Feedback

If the ‘Show pass/fail result’ toggle is ON, then you have the option to provide feedback on each question.

Image showing the 'Reveal Answers' option, hovering over 'On Submit'.

If you configured your quiz to display one question per page, you will have the additional option to show feedback after each question is submitted.

If you don’t know how to specify whether questions are posed per page, or all on one page, consult this Knowledge Base article.

3. With ‘Reveal answers’ set, the correct answer will be displayed when the respondent submits, along with an indication of whether or not they were correct.

Image showing sample quiz feedback. The respondent selected the incorrect answer. They see a message telling them the question is incorrect, what they submitted, and what the actual answer was.

Per Question Messages

Our final toggle is the ‘Show Feedback’ option. You can choose to display a message underneath each question’s result if this toggle is ON.

Image showing the 'Show Feedback' toggle, and the two options: 'Correct / Incorrect' and 'General'.

Choose ‘Correct / Incorrect’ if you want the message to differ upon a correct/incorrect submission.

Image showing an example question, where the feedback was configured specific to the question and whether or not it was correct.

Choose ‘General’ if you want a message to display under each question, that will be the same regardless of whether or not the respondent was correct.

Image showing some generic feedback that will be the same regardless of whether or not the answer was correct.


To add these feedback messages, you need to edit each question. If you have configured your quiz to display feedback, there will be a ‘Feedback’ tab on the left-hand side of the window when you’re editing a question. You can specify the messages in that tab.

Image indicating the box for Feedback on the left-hand side of the popup window that appears when editing a question.

If you are not familiar with configuring quiz questions, consult this Knowledge Base article.


Congratulations, you now know what kinds of feedback can be displayed when a quiz is submitted in Member365, and how to configure these results!

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