How to Request Recognition of Third-Party Completion of an LMS Course

When creating an LMS course, administrators have the option to allow users to submit proof that they have completed equivalent training through a third party. This guide will show you how to use this option, if it is available.

Accessing a Course

1. Log in to the Member Portal.

2. In the bottom-right corner, click ‘Training Zone‘.

3. On the Online Training landing page, find and click the name of the program for which you would like to submit proof of certification.

Uploading Proof of Cerfication

4. Look for the box indicated in blue: if it does not appear, the third-party option has not been enabled for this course. If it does appear, click ‘Upload File‘.

5. Use the calendar tool to enter a completion date for this equivalent coursework, then click ‘Choose File‘ to navigate to and upload a file from your computer.

6. Click ‘Submit‘.

Congratulations, you have submitted proof of certification to this LMS course! If the administrator requires approval for these submissions, your completion of the course will be recognized upon their approval; otherwise, your course is now considered complete.

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