How Can Members Use the Job Board?

The Job Board module is a feature in the Member Portal that allows the creation and display of job postings. Depending on the settings the administrator chooses, users may be free to add postings or may have to await administrator approval on postings they submit. The creation of a job post is streamlined in order to allow the user adding it to easily provide a means of replying to the post, though users may also provide other instructions to prospective applicants.

Adding a Job Post

Member365 has created a detailed guide to adding job posts to your Job Board. If the administrator has permitted it, any posting you add will show up immediately; however, if the administrator has elected to require approval, then your posts will be subject to review and approval before they appear. An additional setting governs whether edits are subject to approval: if approved, the posting will be updated to reflect the changes you have made, and if rejected, the posting will remain in its current state.

Finding a Job Post

Within the Member Portal, click ‘Job Bank‘ and then ‘Search Job Bank‘ to access the board.

Within the module, users may search by keyword, date, or apply a number of filters to their search by clicking the name of that filter.

Replying to a Job Post

When creating a post, a user has three options: they may automatically include an email address that applicants can contact or a website where users can submit applications, or they may opt to use neither of these automatic options. In the latter case, the person creating the posting should make it clear in the attached description how applicants should apply — whether they must visit a physical address, call a phone number, or take another step outside the scope of the automatic options made available through Member365’s interface.

If you need further guidance in using the Job Board, Member365 has a number of other tutorials concerning its use (from both a member’s perspective and from an administrator’s), and our support team is ready and able to answer any questions you may have about this or any other feature.

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