How to add Group Members to a Mailing List

This article will show you how to create a mailing list that contains Employee Accounts!

Group Members are added to lists with a slightly different filter than their Primary Contact, so this article will help you if you are looking to send newsletters to Group Members as well!

Access the List

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, click ‘Lists’ at the top of the screen.

Image showing the 'List' button from the bar at the top of the Administrator screen.

2. If you are creating a new list, click the ‘Create Custom List’ button and proceed as necessary. Otherwise, locate the List you are editing then click its name.

Image showing the List Module landing page, indicating both the 'Create Custom List' option, and indicating a pre-made list 'Mailing List A'.

Add Group Members to List

You can populate your Mailing List with all Contacts of a Group Membership with just a few filters!

Add the Primary Contacts

Remember that the Primary Contact for a Group Membership is added using a different set of filters than the rest of the Group Members themselves.

3. Click ‘Membership’ from the list of available filters.

Image showing the filter set when building a list, indicating the button for 'Membership'.

4. Select ‘Membership Category’ when prompted.

Image showing the list of options that appears when you click the Membership Filter, and indicating 'Membership Category'.

5. Check off the Membership Category whose Primary Contacts you are adding, then click ‘Save’.

Image showing 'Group Membership' checked off from the list of Membership Categories, and indicating the 'Save' button.

Add the Group Members

Group Members – also known as ‘Employee Accounts’ in Member365 – are added using an additional set of filters.

6. Click the ‘Add Criteria’ button to add additional filtering criteria.

Image showing the '+ Add Criteria' button when working in the List Builder.

7. Choose ‘Membership’ from the list of options in the new filtering criteria.

Image showing the section for additional filtering criteria, and indicating the 'Membership' button there.

8. Select ‘Membership Additional Members’ when prompted.

Image showing the list of options upon choosing the Membership filter, and indicating 'Membership Additional Members'

9. You will be presented with a list of your Group Memberships. Check off those whose Group Members you wish to include, then click ‘Save’.

Image showing 'Group Membership' checked off from a list of Memberships, and indicating the 'Save' button.

[Optional] Specify the Organization

If you want to pull only Group Members from specific organizations, then click the ‘Organization’ button from the list of additional filtering options.

Image showing the 'Organization' button from the additional filtering options area.

Select the ‘Organization Name’ option, check off all you wish to include, then click ‘Save’.

Image showing a list of Organization Names, with 'ABC Corporation' selected, and indicating the 'Save' button.


Always remember to save your list by clicking the ‘Save List’ button at the top of the page to confirm your changes.

Image indicating the 'Save List' button at the top of the screen when editing a List.


Congratulations, you now know how to create Mailing Lists for Group Members in Member365!

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