How to Refund an Event Invoice


Most invoices in Member365 can be refunded in the same way.

Event Invoices, however, must be treated differently. There are two different ways to refund an Event Invoice.

Issuing Refunds for Events

Before refunding an Event Invoice, you must first determine which of the two refund methods to use! The following steps will help you determine which method to use, but in short:

If Registration is still Open – Refund via Impersonate
If the Event has Closed – Refund via Financial Module in the CRM


We recommend waiting to refund Event Invoices until two days after the initial payment. 

1. From the Member365 Dashboard, click ‘Events’ at the top of the screen.


2. On the page that follows, click ‘Manage’ next to ‘Event Management.’


3. Locate the Event whose purchase you wish to refund, using the search bar if necessary, then click its name.


4. Click the ‘Registration’ tab. If Online Registration is enabled, check the ‘Open Date’ and ‘Close Date’ fields for your Event.

Image showing a sample Event, under the 'Registration' tab of its settings, indicating the Open Date and Close Date fields.


You should also check the ‘Withdraw Date’ to determine whether it would be possible to withdraw from the Event. If you need to process the refund ASAP and if the Event is still open, modify the ‘Withdraw Date’ as necessary. This Knowledge Base article explains each Registration Date more in-depth.

5. Click the ‘Date & Location’ tab, and determine whether or not your Event has concluded.

Image showing the 'Date & Location' tab of a sample Event.

How do I refund?

Via Impersonate – If the Event Date has not passed. You may also need to edit the Open/Close/Withdraw Dates to allow you to remove the ticket.

Simple Manual Refund – If the Event Date has passed. Make sure the Open/Close dates are also in the past, and move them back if necessary to refund an Event Invoice from the CRM.

Based on your Event Date and your Registration Dates, determine which refund method you will use by consulting the criteria above!

Refunding via Impersonate

If the registration window for your Event is still open, and if the Event Date is not in the past, then you cannot refund the Event Invoice manually via the Financial Module in the CRM.

When a Registrant withdraws their registration, the system issues their refund automatically, so the system prevents you from refunding Event Invoices via the CRM until registration is closed.

Continue reading here to learn how to refund an Event Invoice via the Impersonate Tool!

Refunding Manually from the CRM

If your Event has concluded, and if the registration window for your Event has closed, then you can refund Event Invoices from the Financial Module in the CRM like any other Paid Invoice!

Since Member365 refunds a registrant automatically when they withdraw their ticket, administrators cannot refund them via the CRM until after the Event has concluded and the registrations are locked.

Since the Event is over, you can refund the invoice through the financial module. Consult this Knowledge Base article to proceed. Note, you may need to wait a day or two after the Event closes before you see the ‘+ Add Refund’ button!

Congratulations, you now know how to refund an Event Invoice in any situation!

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