How to Close/Cancel an Event


If the need arises, that requires you to cancel an event here are the steps you can take to close the event and refund your members.

Please Note: We recommend you rename the event to have “Event Closed” or “Event Canceled” within the name to help members know the event is canceled.

Please check with your Payment Gateway provider to see if you have a daily refund limit before refunding.

Close the Event

  1. From the dashboard, go to Events.
  2. Go to Event Management > Manage.
  3. Click on the name of the event you want to modify.
  4. Go to the Registration tab
  5. Adjust the Close Registration date to yesterday or a day in the past.
  6. Adjust the modification date to a date in the future.For example,  I adjust the close date to March 15, 20xx, and adjust the Modification date to March 31, 20xx, to give employees and members time to modify their event registration and receive a refund.

    Please Note: Once the modification date is passed, your members will no longer be able to edit their tickets or receive refunds.

  7. Click Publish to save your updates.

Please Note: If you have event reminder emails set up, we recommend you remove then to ensure your members do not receive them after you close/cancel the event.

How to Refund Event Purchases for Registrants

There are two options for refunding your registrants. You can notify your member the event is closed/canceled and allow them to modify their tickets to receive a refund, or you can manually refund event purchases by following this knowledge base article (Click Here).

Please Note:  If you do not want to charge a withdrawal fee, please make sure you remove it from the tickets before refunding your registrants.

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