How to Include a Calendar File in Event Confirmation Emails


Before you start:

It’s important that you have your calendar file created before attaching it to an event! If you don’t know how, this guide from HubSpot will show you how!

Including calendar files in your confirmation emails sent to event registrants is a great way to promote awareness of your event. Here’s how to do it in Member365:

1. From your administrator dashboard, in the top toolbar, click ‘Events‘.

Image of the 'Events' button at the top of the page.

2. In the Event Management section at the top of the page, click ‘Manage‘ .

3. Click the event you would like to send a calendar invite for.

4. Under ‘Edit Event’, click the ‘Registration‘ tab.


Edit the Confirmation Message

5. Scroll to ‘Email Confirmation’, and click ‘Manage

6. This field will allow you to type a message to be sent to all event registrants, confirming their registration. In it, type your message, and highlight the text you would like to contain your calendar link.


Upload Your Calendar File

7. While your text is highlighted, click the ‘Upload‘ button in the message editor.

8. Click ‘Upload File

9. In the resulting dialogue, click ‘Choose Files‘.

10. Navigate to your calendar file, and upload it.

11. After upload, be sure to select it, and click ‘Insert

12. Confirm that your message is highlighted the way you want it. and click ‘OK’!

And you’re done! Repeat this process any time you’d like to include a calendar link in your registration confirmation emails!


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