How to Create an Event Promo Code


This article will detail the steps required to create a Promo Code for your Event.

Registrants can use one Promo Code when they pay, deducting either a flat rate or a percentage from the entire bill depending on the configuration you’ve set!

In Member365, only one Promo Code can ever be used on an Invoice. It is not possible to apply multiple Promo Codes to a transaction.

Accessing Event Configuration

Event Promo Codes are configured within the settings of the individual Event itself, since Event Promo codes only apply to the Event they are uniquely created for.

In other words, an Event Promo Code will only ever work on the Event for which it was created.

Our first step will be to locate the Event’s Settings. If you are creating your Event, then you will be taken to its Settings right away and can skip to the next sub-header.

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dasbhoard, click ‘Events’ at the top of the screen.

2. On the page that follows, click ‘Manage’ next to ‘Event Management’.

3. Locate the Event for which you wish to create a Promo Code, using the search bar if necessary, then click its name.

Creating a Promo Code

4. Click the ‘Promo Codes‘ tab.

5. Under ‘Promo Codes’, click ‘Add‘.

6. Configure your Promo Code by filling out the ‘Add Promotional Code’ window that appears. Remember to click ‘+ Add’ when you are satisfied.

Image showing the 'Add Promotional Code' window with a sample promo code getting set up.

Code – This is what your registrants will enter when paying to apply the Promo Code. Enter a unique string as necessary.

Type – Will the Promo Code deduct a flat rate off of the purchase, or a percentage off of the purchase?

The ‘Percentage’ option will deduct that percentage from the entire invoice. If the registrant’s invoice has several tickets and line items, a Percentage Promo Code will deduct a percentage from the sum total of those tickets and line items.

You cannot create a Percentage Promo Code that applies only to individual ticket items; use the Fixed option if you need a specific amount deducted.

Amount – For the ‘Fixed’ option, specify the exact dollar value that a usage of this Promo Code will serve as a discount. For the ‘Percentage’ option, specify what percentage will be deducted from the invoice’s sum total.

Sub-Ledger – Simply for reporting purposes. Choose which ledger the Promo Code’s discount will be saved to in your accounting records.

Usage Limit – How many registrants can apply this Promo Code before it becomes unavailable? Leave this field blank if you want your Promo Code’s usage to be unlimited.

Usage Start/End Dates – Use the Calendar Icons to specify the window of time during which this Promo Code can be used.

Image showing the Event Promo Code page, now with "promo_01" added. We can create another promo code, modify the existing one, or just 'Publish' the event to confirm our changes.

7. Your new Promo Code will display in the list. Edit or delete this new Promo Code if necessary by clicking the corresponding icons. Click ‘+ Add’ if you wish to create another Promo Code.

When satisfied, click ‘Publish’ at the bottom of the screen to save your new Promo Codes and confirm all your changes.

Congratulations, you now know how to create and configure Promo Codes for an Event!

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