How to Identify Promotional Codes Used During a Non-Member’s Event Registration


This article will guide you through identifying promotional codes used by non-members in the course of registering for an event. The process will require you to compile two different reports — an event registration report and a revenue statement —  and cross-reference them against each other.

Exporting an Event Registration Report

1. Log in to your Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

2. On the top bar, click ‘Events‘.

3. Next to ‘Event Reports’, click ‘Reports‘.

4. Find the event in question, either by entering its name into the search bar or by finding it in the list, and click its name.

Locating Registration Records

5. Click the ‘Registrations‘ tab.

6. Click ‘Export Roster to MS Excel‘. This will prompt your web browser to save a spreadsheet viewable in Microsoft Excel.

7. Open the spreadsheet, then filter it by the Member Type column, and copy or otherwise isolate all of the entries labelled ‘Non-Member‘.

Exporting a Revenue Statement

8. Click the ‘Financials‘ tab.

9. Ensure that ‘Revenue Statement’, not ‘Refund Statement’, is highlighted in blue, and then click ‘Export Detailed Statement‘.

10. Download the spreadsheet when your browser prompts you, and then open it.

Finding Promotional Codes by Cross-Referencing

11. In the second spreadsheet you created, find the ‘Discount Amount’ and ‘Discount Code’ columns, and filter by either of those columns.

12. Find the cells that do not hold a result of $0.00 for the discount amount, or the cells that contain an entry under ‘Discount Code’, and check all of them against the list of registered non-members you created in step 7.

Congratulations, you have identified all promotional codes used by non-members to register for this event!

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