Getting Started: Learning Management System (LMS)


To begin creating courses and using the LMS system, keep reading for a few basic procedures that will help you get a course up and running.

Getting Started

Create a Course

First, get started by creating a basic LMS course and adding some assignments:

How to Create a Basic LMS Course

How to Add an Assignment to an LMS Course

Set Access

You can restrict access to an LMS course based on membership type, organization or by giving access to select contacts. You can also make completion of one LMS course a requirement for enrolling for another!

How to Set LMS Course Access

How to Add Prerequisite Courses to an LMS Course

Set a Deadline

If you’d like to set a deadline for this course, here’s how:

How to Set a Deadline for an LMS Course

Running a Course


Once your course is live, you may find it handy to see how a user of the Member Portal sees the public-facing Training Zone, and how they enroll in a course, or you may need to tell a member where to go; either way, here’s how:

How to Enroll in an LMS Course

Grading Tests

If your LMS course includes a quiz or a test that requires administrator evaluation, use this guide to find out how to review and grade a user submission.

How to Review and Grade an LMS Test

Reports and Analytics

You can view statistics and export reports on either an LMS course or on a specific quiz/test. Check out the following Knowledge Base articles if you’d like to know-how.

Accessing and Understanding LMS Course Reports

Accessing and Understanding Quiz and Test Analytics

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