Getting Started with Video Library


Learning the ins and outs of the Video Library is essential for using video in any of Member365’s modules. Fortunately, the Video Library is simple to use, and takes only minutes to learn. Get everything you need to know by stepping through the articles below.

Configuring Video Categories

Video categories are an powerful tool for organizing your video library. Set up your categories as needed to keep your video library clean and easy to use by following our guide, linked below!

Learn to configure your Video Categories here.

Creating and Editing Video Tags

Tagging your videos is a fantastic way to make organizing and accessing your videos even easier. With video tags and categories configured, you can consistently expect to find the content you need without hassle.

Learn to create and manage video tags here.

Adding a Video to Your Library

With your categories and tags set up, it’s time to start adding videos! This guide will teach you the process so you can have your video content available throughout Member365 in no time.

Learn to add videos to your library here.

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