Getting Started With Job Board


Enabling and setting up your Job Board doesn’t require much. By following the guides below, you can have your Job Board configured, running, and live on your website in under an hour!

The guides below aren’t meant to cover every option and setting Member365’s Job Board offers; they’re meant to show you everything you need to get your Job Board up and running. For more information regarding what you can do with your Job Board, check our Knowledge Base!

Before your Job Board can go live, you’ll need to:

Configure Job Board Categories

Job Board Categories help posters and applicants connect by organizing job postings into types. Job Posters submit their posts into the categories you set up (Sales, Marketing, etc.), making it easier for Job Searchers to find the posts relevant to their skills and experience.

Learn to set up your Job Board Categories here.

Set Up Job Board Position Statuses

Position Statuses like ‘Temporary’, ‘Permanent’, ‘Contract’, etc. makes sorting through available jobs easier for Job Searchers, and connecting with quality applicants easier for Job Posters. Configure your Job Board to offer the options that speak to the unique nature of your users work.

Learn to configure your Job Board Position Statuses here.

Designate Salary Types

By designating Salary Types like ‘Annual’, ‘Hourly’, ‘Contract’, etc. for you Job Board, you allow Job Posters to include this information in their posts as a search criteria. This makes finding jobs easier for Job Searchers, as they can immediately connect with those offering payment structures that work for them!

Learn to set up Salary Types here.

Check/Edit Automated Emails

Administrators, posters, and applicants receive a range of automated emails when engaging with your Job Board. This step in the configuration process allows you to edit them from Member365 defaults.

Learn to configure automated Job Board emails here.

Manage On-Screen Messaging

As posters and users interact with your Job Board, they’ll be exposed to a variety of messages. The article linked above shows you how to edit these messages to the needs of your users, and your organization.

Learn to manage your Job Boards on-screen messaging here.

Configure Post Management Settings

Do you want anyone to be able to use your Job Board, or just members? Do you want posts to be checked by your administrators before going live? Do you want to be notified when posts are made, edited, and deleted?

You can control these options – and more – by configuring post management settings for your Job Board.

Learn to configure Post Management settings here.

Decide on Posting Fees

Configuring Posting fees is where you decide if your Job Board is going to be free to use, or require fees for members and/or non members.

Learn to manage your posting fees for members and non-members here

Access Your Job Board Code for Website Integration

Once your Job Board is configured, Member365 will automatically generate the code you need to integrate your custom job board into your website! The above guide will show you how!

Learn where to find your Job Board Code here.

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