Getting Started: Member Benefits


Getting started with Member365’s Member Benefit module is a quick and easy process. The guides below will step you through the process of configuring your module and creating your first Member Benefit so you can start soliciting and offering benefits to drive the value of membership. Each takes only minutes to complete, so get started by following the guides below!

Configuring your Member Benefits Module

Member365 offers extensive configuration options to allow you to customize the appearance and experience of your Member Benefits module to suit the needs of your members. Before you start offering benefits, it’s useful to take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the options available from the configuration menu.

Follow the guide below to configure your Member Benefits module:

Configuring your Member Benefits Module.

Creating a Member Benefit

Before you start offering benefits you’ll need to know how to create one! With your Member Benefits module configured, the guide below will show you how easy Member365 makes creating and managing member benefits.

Creating a Member Benefit

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