Getting Started: Email Campaigns


If you’re looking to get your message to a wide audience, Member365’s Email Campaigns tool is well-suited to the task. Read on to learn how to create a campaign, how to make it effective, and how to review the results of your hard work.

Creating a Campaign

To get started, follow our guide to creating a basic email campaign:

How to Create A Basic Email Campaign

Designing Your Campaign

The Email Campaign Editor is a versatile tool, with numerous options for the layout of your message and the elements you add to it. The options might look overwhelming, but don’t worry — we’ve created a guide on how to use all of the editor’s features:

How to Use the Email Campaign Editor

Saving a Template

Besides the templates we offer you, you can create your own templates so that if you come up with a design you like, you can use it again and again!

How to Create Email Campaign Templates

Adding Specific Features 

You’ve asked us for guidance on how to add a few specific features to your email campaigns, and we’ve delivered! Read on for guides on how to add files, hyperlinks, and clickable buttons to your campaigns.

How to Add a Hyperlink to an Email Campaign

How to Attach a File to an Email Campaign

How to Add a Button to an Email Campaign

Ensuring Your Success

Building Mailing Lists

In order to make your email campaigns a success, you’ll want to pick your audience well. Follow our guide to learn how to create and import mailing lists:

Creating and Importing Mailing Lists for Email Campaigns

Reaching Your Audience

Creating a successful campaign isn’t just about making it pretty or sending it to the right people: making sure that users receive and open the message in the first place is critical.

We’ve created a few guides on maximizing the reach of your email campaigns: read on to learn how to avoid getting your emails flagged as spam, and then how to improve the odds that recipients will open and interact with your messages.

Guidelines on Bypassing Email Spam Filters

How to Write an Effective Email Subject Line

How to Improve Your Email Campaign Click Rates

Send to Your Audience 

Once you’ve selected your audience, you can see the number of recipients who will receive your email campaign. From there, you can send it to camping immediately, or you can schedule the camping for a later date and time:

How to Schedule Email Campaigns (BETA)

Reports and Analytics

Once you’ve sent a campaign, you’ll want to see whether you’ve been successful in reaching your audience. Fortunately, our analytics system makes it easy to see how many users are opening your emails and how many go on to interact with the elements inside:

Understanding Email Reports and Analytics

How to Export an Email Campaign Analytics Report


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