Member365 New Administrator Training Guide


Welcome to the Member365 Family! This article outlines the core videos and Getting Started Guides for you as a NEW admin to watch to get familiar with your Member365 Account.


1. Contact Record Management (CRM) 

The contact record management systems in Member365 are central to almost all of its functions. Continue reading for an outline of some of the core techniques and features you’ll use in the course of maintaining your contacts. Read More.



2. Membership

Membership Planning

Membership Advanced Settings

Membership Reporting







3. Email Campaigns



If you’re looking to get your message to a wide audience, Member365’s Email Campaigns tool is well-suited to the task. Read on to learn how to create a campaign, how to make it effective, and how to review the results of your hard work.



4. Events

If you’re trying to create an event with Member365, you’re in the right place. Read this article to find instructions on carrying out a few essential tasks involved in creating an event and registering attendees.




5. Member Portal

When you begin using and configuring your Member365 account, one of your first steps should be to set up your Member Portal, as almost all of your users’ interactions with your system take place there. We’ve compiled a list of some handy guides that will teach you how to configure your Member Portal, how to provide access or edit credentials, and how to use certain features exclusive to the user-facing side of the system. Learn More.


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