What Are Certificates?


Certificates are documents in the style of commemorative plaques issued to members or contacts as a thank-you and a mark of recognition for achieving membership, completing a course, and attending an event. They are a great way to make your members or contacts feel recognized for their involvement in your organization.

Certificates are not created on a per-member basis; to create them, you must first create a template, and the empty meg tag fields will be auto-filled in on a per-contact basis in whichever module you apply the template.


Creating a Certificate Templates

To make a Certificate template, consult our Knowledge Base guide on creating them. If you are creating a custom certificate template, it does require some CSS Styling skills.  If you want assistance creating a custom certificate, there is a $500 + tax fee. Please submit a request here.


Using Certificates

To add a certificate that will be awarded to attendees of an event, see this article. 

For certificates awarded upon a user successfully achieving membership, consult this guide.

To provide a certificate on completion of an LMS course, see this guide.

Members can find their certificates in the Member Portal by following the instructions provided here.

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