How to Attach a File to an Email Campaign

You can send File Attachments in your Member365 Email Campaigns. Upon uploading to your File Manager, you can then link files to text, or to a button in your Email Campaign that will send to Contacts!

If you are unfamiliar with Email Campaigns in general, or with the Campaign Builder, consult this Knowledge Base article to review the basic steps when creating an Email Campaign.

Attach a File to Text

The following steps were written with the assumption that you are familiar with the Email Campaign Module. If you do not know how to create an Email Campaign in Member365, consult the article linked above.

1. From the ‘Content’ tab to the right-hand side of the Email Builder, click and drag ‘Text’ into the body of your Email to create a new Text block.

Image indicating 'Text' from the set of content options when building an Email Campaign.

2. Add text to the Text block as you build your Email. Once you know which word or phrase you would like to link the attachment to, click and drag your mouse to highlight that section of text.

Image showing that we've highlighted a piece of text that reads 'clicking here'

3. Click the ‘Insert/edit link’ button from the Text Editor’s options.

Image showing we're highlighting text that reads 'clicking here', and indicating the 'Insert/edit link' button from the list of text editor options.

4. A window will pop up titled ‘Insert Link.’ From the drop-down menu for the ‘Link Type’ field, select ‘File Manager’. You will be taken to a separate page to upload and choose the file to link!

Image showing that we've selected 'File Manager' from the 'Link Type' dropdown menu when inserting a link.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The next sub-header will cover attaching a file to a button.

For steps on how to use the File Manager to upload your attachment, skip to the ‘Upload Your Attachment’ subheader.


Attach a File to a Button

If you would rather attach your file to a button than a piece of text, consult the following steps instead!

1. From the ‘Content’ tab to the right-hand side of your Email Builder, click and drag ‘Button’ into the body of your email.

Image indicating the 'Button' option from the set of Content when building an Email Campaign.


2. Click on your new button to pull up its ‘Content’ tab on the right-hand side of the page. Under the ‘Action’ section, click ‘Link File’ beneath the field for a URL.

Image indicating the 'Link File' button beneath the field for a URL when editing the Content Properties of a Button in the Email Builder.


The File Manager will open automatically, at which point you can upload or choose the attachment you would like to link to your button!


Upload Your Attachment

Whether you are attaching your file to a piece of text, or a button, the final step will be to insert the file via Member365’s File Manager. 

To upload a new attachment, click the ‘Upload’ button at the top of the screen, then select the desired attachment from your device’s file system.

Image indicating the 'Upload' button at the top of the page when viewing the Email Campaign File Manager.


Below, you will see all files that have been uploaded to your Member365 File Manager. Click the ‘Insert’ button beneath whichever file you would like to attach to your Email Campaign!


Image showing a list of files in the File Manager, and indicating the 'Insert' button under a sample PDF.


Text Attachment

If you were attaching a file to a piece of text, the URL field in your Link File window will now point to the attachment in your File Manager.

Image showing the Insert Link window, where the URL now points to a file in our File Manager, and indicating the 'OK' button to attach the file to the text.


Upon clicking ‘Ok’, our attachment will now be linked to the piece of text! When a recipient of your Email Campaign clicks the hyperlinked text, they will download the file that you have attached.

'The file can be downloaded by clicking here' text, we see that 'clicking here' is now blue and underlined i.e. it has been hyperlinked to a file.


Button Attachment

If you were attaching a file to a button, the path to the file in your File Manager will now be populating the ‘URL’ field under the ‘Content Properties’ tab for your button on the right-hand side of the screen.

Image showing the 'Content Properties' tab of a Button, showing that the 'URL' field has been populated with the path to our attachment in the File Manager.


When a recipient of your Email Campaign clicks this button, they will download the file you have uploaded and attached to your File Manager!


Congratulations, you now know how to attach a file to an Email Campaign, both through a piece of text or through a button!

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