How a Member can Edit their Event Registration


Accessing Your Ticket in the Member Portal

1. In the Member Portal, click ‘Events‘.

2. In the drop-down menu that appears, click ‘My Event Registrations‘.

3. Find the event in the list of registrations, and in the ‘Action’ column, click ‘Modify‘.


Removing a Ticket Type

1. If you wish to withdraw from the event find the name of the ticket type you wish to remove if needed, under the ‘Type’ column, and click the ‘Remove‘ button in the ‘Action’ column. Click ‘Confirm‘ in the window that pops up.


Choosing a New Ticket Type

1. If you wish to add a new ticket, click ‘Add Ticket‘.

In the window that pops up, click the button labeled ‘Select‘ next to the name of the ticket type you would like to assign.

2. Next to the name of the ticket type you have added, click the ‘Assign Ticket‘ button.

3. In the new ‘Ticket Details’ window, fill out at least the four fields indicated (first and last name, email address, confirmation of email address) and mark any workshops, meal plans or other extra features, and then click ‘Save‘.

4. Back at the Event Registration page, click ‘Continue‘.

You will be presented with a link to download your newly-revised invoice.

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