Error Message: Can’t Find Member365 Payment Cookies

This article will provide a more in-depth explanation of the following error message:

Your transaction was approved, but...

It appears that this browser can’t find the Member365 payment cookies. Please bring this to the attention of your administrator so it can be corrected.

What are Payment Cookies?

When a Credit Card is processed in Member365, your Payment Gateway sends data back to the browser to confirm that the transaction has been completed. We refer to that piece of confirmation with the general term ‘Payment Cookies’.

What causes a Payment Cookies error?

There is not one definitive cause of this error message. That said, error messages about Payment Cookies usually relate to a communication issue on the user side: their internet connection may be unreliable, their session may have logged them out due to inactivity before the purchase, or any similar connectivity issue may have occurred.

What do you do if a Payment Cookies error occurs?

If a Contact reports a Payment Cookies error to you, or if you encounter a Payment Cookies error when processing a payment, consult the following steps.

1. Note the Invoice Number.

2. Log into your Payment Gateway to verify whether or not the transaction went through. If the transaction did not go through on your Payment Gateway, contact our Support Team.

3. Check the status and balance of the Invoice in Member365. If the Invoice is still unpaid and does not match the receipt in your Payment Gateway, mark it as paid by Credit Card Offline.

4. Inform the Contact if necessary. Verify that their purchase was successful: if they were registering for an Event make sure their registration was saved, if they were renewing a Membership make sure the renewal was successful, etc. Contact our Support Team if the purchase does not update the database.

Congratulations, you now know what a Payment Cookies error message means, and how to handle it when one occurs!

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