How to Add or Edit a Contact Role as an Administrator


Administrators can add or edit the roles for the group memberships on behalf of the Primary Contact by going to the organization/group record and making the needed adjustments.  This article takes you through how to add or edit a contact role within the CRM.


Accessing The Organization or Group

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, hover over "Contacts" at the top of the page. Then, hover over "Organizations"  and click "View Organization."




2. You will see a list of the Organizations that populate your system. Locate the Organization you wish to view; use the search bar to filter the results if necessary.

Image showing an example of using the search bar to filter results in the Organization Management list.


3. Click the Organization’s name or the eye icon next to its name to view the Organization Record.

Image indicating the Organization Name, and the eye icon, which can both be clicked to view the Organization Record.


Accessing Role Management

4. From the Organization Record page, click on the "Role Management" tab.



5. Select the Membership Category you want to add or edit the role by clicking on the "Select a Membership" drop-down.



6. When you select the membership category, you may have to select the Primary Contact if there is more than one Primary Contact for the Membership. Then you will see the related contacts that have roles for that membership category.




Add Contact Role

7. Click the "Add Contact Role" button.




8. Find the contact attached to this organization with this membership category. Select the role or roles you want to assign to the contact. Then click "Update."




IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only assign one contact as the Primary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can click the option "Do you want to CC the Secondary on all emails that are sent to the Primary contact?"  so the secondary contact can manage the membership on behalf of the primary.  The secondary contact now has their own contact record with their own login credentials. 


Edit a Contact Role

1. On the Role Management page, on the membership, you want to adjust the roles. Find the contact within the role list and click on "Edit Roles."



2. Then check the roles you want to be assigned for that contact or uncheck to roles you do not want to be assigned for that contact.




3. Then click "Update" to save your work.

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